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  • Drawing; what is it and what do we do?
  • This is an advanced drawing course that focuses on drawing from observation as well as drawing from one's imagination. I have said repeatedly that this course is as much about learning how to see as it is in learning how to draw. Students draw from real life such as figure drawing, and still life. This course focuses on more advanced drawing skills, ie., foreshortening, macro drawings, metamorphic drawings and as always, drawing the human body.By drawing from observation student's perceptual abilities will improve along with their drawing skills. There are many concepts focused on in class; perspective, composition, elements and principles of design, color theory and proportion. Whether or not your student is going to continue on in art, drawing prepares them for the challenges they will face in life as well as taking more advanced drawing classes.

  • Class Schedule
  • Hour 1: Drawing II, III, IV
    Hour 2: Drawing II, III, IV
    Hour 3: Drawing II, III, IV
    Hour 4: Drawing II, III, IV
    Hour 5: Plan
    Hour 6: Painting
    Hour 7: Painting




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  • E-Mail: rmessersmithos@olatheschools.org

    All art by Brentleigh Greene

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