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2020 Fall Girls Season Info

*Updated 9/12/2020:

In light of the current COVID-19 global crisis, all information here is subject to change.

ONW Girls Tennis – 2020 Season – 

Uniforms – 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic already affecting our season, we will not be ordering uniforms this season. The turnaround time on uniforms is about 2 weeks, so if an order was placed, and then our season was cancelled during that time, we would be stuck with uniforms and no matches to wear them in.

Players who have been on the team before will be asked to wear previous seasons uniforms they have purchased.

Players who are new to the team this season will be checked out a school owned uniform for the season. They will check this uniform in at the end of the season.

Practice/Match Schedule – 

Updated schedules can be found under the “Schedules” Tab at our team website. These schedules will be updated throughout the season. 

In general, practices will be held Monday through Friday, from 3:30-5:30 during the season, and players will be expected to attend all assigned practices unless they are participating in a match that same day. 

Any player absences, or late arrivals/early departures, need to be communicated to the coaching staff as soon as possible.

At the end of each week, I will message the following weeks schedule to the entire team through the group me app, including match attendees, arrival/departure times, and deviations from the normal practice schedule.

Things your player needs – (other than normal tennis equipment)

Please make sure your player brings the following equipment to practice with them every day:

  • A mask (once school has started this should become automatic)
  • A LARGE water bottle (we are not allowed to provide a large jug for refilling during practices/matches)

Contact Information: 

I will remain in contact with the players through the group-me app as noted above.

Cancellations of events will be posted through the team twitter account: @ONWRavenTennis

If you have a specific question, or need to contact Coach Smith, e-mail

The big viral elephant in the room (COVID-19 precautions)

KSHSAA has released a list of guidelines for safe participation in athletics and activities, specifics can be found at

Safety highlights for practice:

Players will be asked to wear a mask at all times unless they are on a court with 4 or fewer players.

Coaches will be masked at all times.

Tennis balls will be sanitized (using a sanitizing spray) after every practice.

Hand sanitizer and clorox wipes will be provided for use regularly throughout practice (donations of these supplies are welcome!)

Our practice courts will have 6 foot spacing indicators surrounding the courts to encourage social distancing during drills.

Safety highlights for matches/meets:

Players will be assigned 3 balls per singles player/doubles team for the duration of a competition. (2 balls for a JV dual). Players will only serve using their own tennis balls. When returning another teams tennis balls after a point is over, players will NOT touch them with their hands. Instead using only their feet or their rackets to give the serving team their tennis balls back.

Players will be masked at all times unless they are on court for a match. Social distancing will be practiced in all off-court areas, including reducing the socialization between players on opposing teams.

Players will be masked at all times when in transport from one match to another. Players who are of legal driving age (and parental approval) will be allowed to drive themselves to and from matches (or ride with a parent or sibling). Players will NOT be allowed to transport another team member to or from matches. Players are expected to stay until their entire team is finished competing, no matter their transportation situation. Luckily the majority of our competitions are at CBAC, across the street from ONW.

Players will be expected to provide their own snacks/water/etc at all matches. There will be no stopping for meals/snacks after matches/meets.

All fans in attendance at matches will be expected to wear a mask at all times.

Thank you SO much for letting your daughter be a part of our tennis team. As a coach who suffered through the boys season cancelled this past spring before it ever really got started, I’m going to make sure we do everything within our power to ensure that we have a season. This will surely be the most unique season of high school sports ever (if we even get to move forward…) but we are so excited.

Coaches Smith and Falls