Olathe Viewing

The entire continental US will be in the path of the eclipse.  Olathe lies in the path of 99.4% totality so our location is prime for viewing.  The moon will begin to eclipse the sun about 11:40 am with the peak at 1:08 pm and finally end about 2:35 pm.  The image below is from the interactive NASA Eyes site.  On the left you can see North America overlaid with the bands of totality, and on the right is a simulation of how much the moon will cover the sun during the peak of the eclipse in Olathe.  It may be dark enough to even see stars in the sky as if it were night!

In the event of cloud cover, go outside and view anyway!   You’ll see the sky darkening, feel the temperature change, and possibly observe other phenomena. You can also see our Eclipse Resources page for online viewing options, or watch on television. 

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