Second Grade Is Cool!

 Here is our awesome second grade class!


 One second friend wore this shirt today:

Yes, second grade really is cool!

We like the sound of that!

We have been making some noise (pardon the pun!) during our sound unit.  From tuning forks to homemade rubber band instruments, we’ve discovered that vibration creates sound.

!3rd Quarter 067

Ask any student in our class… a PVC sound pipe = a crazy good time.  We had a ton of fun exploring new pitches with our sound pipes.  We even accurately predicted which pipes would make the high and low pitched sounds.  Impressive!  We discovered that playing our sound pipes while we read music was very challenging.  After several practice rounds, we recorded this little ditty:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Sound Pipes Pic

Next we’ll explore volume, something we experienced first-hand when Miss Becker left the speaker volume up too high after a ‘sound jam session’ to the Beach Boys’ song, “Good Vibrations.”

Happy 10th Anniversary Regency Place!

On Friday, we celebrated Regency Place Elementary’s 10th Anniversary.  We had a parade and an assembly that featured former students, faculty and the revealing of the time capsule that was buried in 1999.  Happy birthday Regency!

Courtney & Emily Parade

Ryan Parade

Off to a Great Start!

Class Pic 2009-2010

We are ready for 2nd grade!

Field Day

After a rainy weekend, we lucked out this year and had a beautiful Field Day!  We rotated from station to station, lead by our awesome parent volunteers and 6th grade helpers.  Congratulations to our sportsmanship award winners, Maddy & Einar!






 Have a wonderful summer!


Bubble Day: Experimenting with Matter


For several fun-filled days, Regency Place 2nd graders explored the three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.  In the first class we explored “Mysterious Matter- Oobleck.”  We concluded Oobleck could be both a solid and a liquid.  Check out the messy fun!



 Next, we rotated to the “Kid in a Bubble” and “Big Bubble” station.




At the end of the day we went outside for recess and used up the last of our bubble solution!



Olathe East Student Naturalist Animal Talks

On Friday, the rain moved out and we were finally able to visit our friends at Olathe East.  At East, we rotated from station to station to learn about different kinds of animals.  We handled a lot of different creatures, from chinchillas to zebra finches!


This little hedgehog liked to bury under his blanket and curl up into a ball.


The turtles were a big hit.


Meet Ken and Barbie… on their dream house.


This bearded dragon wasn’t feeling very well.


How often do you get to touch a baby alligator?

Thank you Olathe East student naturalists!

Guest Speakers

We recently had two special guest speakers join our class.  Our first guest was the fabulous Mrs. Cruse, who works in our library.  She read Abuela with us so that we could pronounce all the Spanish words correctly.  Gracias Mrs. Cruse!


Mrs. Andresdottir, Einar’s mother and Icelandic native, shared a presentation on Iceland.  We located Iceland on a globe and learned about Iceland’s climate, currency, animals, entertainment and traditions.  Mrs. Andresdottir shared some Icelandic pancakes that tasted a lot like French crepes and they were a major hit in our class!


Thank you Mrs. Cruse and Mrs. Andresdottir for giving us new cultural experiences!

Fire Safety House

Last Friday we had a special treat from the Olathe Fire Department.   The firefighters brought their “Fire Safety House” for all of the Regency Place second graders to use for fire safety training.  We found lots of fire safety hazards in the minature kitchen and living room, then we practiced escaping from a smokey bedroom. 

Check out all that theater smoke!  Interestingly enough, it smelled like pancake syrup.


 We each took a turn climbing down a ladder and going to our meeting spot.



 Thank you Olathe Police Department!

Sending our love to Mrs. Reese

Our 2nd grade classes gathered to learn about a very special volunteer project for Mrs. Reese. Mrs. Reese is our wonderful music teacher and she is currently battling leukemia. We wanted to help with the medical expenses for Mrs. Reese and her family. Each of us decorated jugs and collected change for Mrs. Reese’s special fund. Our classroom alone raised over $1,000!  Here are a few photos from our very special kickoff presentation!




We love Mrs. Reese!!