Social Studies Department


Steve Fasse, 6th grade (Orion)
Zach Smith, 6th grade (Pegasus)
Susan Butler, 7th grade (Glacier)
Andrew Fine, 7th grade (Tundra)
Mary Conn, 8th grade (Liberty)
Cassie Murray, 8th grade (Freedom)
Patty Partridge, 8th grade (Patriot)


Social Studies Curriculum
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Social Studies 6 (1.0)
Social Studies 7 (1.0)
Social Studies 8 (1.0)



Social Studies 6- Social Studies 6 focuses on an exploration of the ancient river valley civilizations of the world, the civilizations of Middle America, and the Middle Ages in Europe through the lense of their history, geography, economics, and government.

Social Studies 7- The course includes a semester of world geography the examines the world through the Five Themes of Geography and a semester of Kansas history and government.

Socail Studies 8- This is a survey of American history from the end of the American Revolution to 1900. Units include the topics of the beginnings of the national government, westward expansion, Jacksonian democracy, and Civil War and Reconstruction, the end of the frontier and the growth of big business.


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