Sports Med Photos
SPM staff 2 SPM cropped
 The Sports Med Team

Sarah Hanson |  Jeff Walton
Kris Kennedy | Wayne Harmon

CNA beds CNA 2 Sports Medicine Academy Spring 2015-16
Hospital Beds Donated by Olathe Medical Center   Sports Medicine Academy
Spring 2015-16
SPM wrestling ATSA Regional2 Sports Med Team Senior Athletic Trainers
Wrestling ATSA for Regional
Feb 21, 2015
 Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Team  Athletic Trainer Student Aides 2014-15
IMG_0433 IMG_0426 IMG_0432
   Sports Medicine Camp Summer 2015
BEAM Quentin Golden-SerenityOptimist Star Teen Award 2 Sizing crutches
Senior Sophie Raines and Junior Quentin golden participate in Olathe Medical Center’s BEAM night and get a complete tour of the Medical Center. The students get to follow a doctor for a day.- 2014/15

Optimist Star Teen Award

Quentin Golden-2014-15

 Students Sizing Crutches-2014/15