Transcript Requests


Past Graduates: Please use this link to order transcripts.


Transcript Requests: Current Students

Transcripts are the official school record of courses and grades.  Most colleges will want you to send an official transcript as part of the application process.  A final transcript should also be sent to the college you decide to attend at the end of your senior year.  This transcript indicates your final senior grades, GPA, and graduation date.

Unofficial transcripts can be given directly to students or parents, but are not considered official records.

Olathe South sends transcripts to colleges, the NCAA, and NAIA electronically.  In order to request a transcript, current students will access their Career Cruising account. Past graduates will use the link below to request a transcript.  Transcript requests will only be processed through these ways. Please see Mrs. Peters, the Registrar, if you have any questions.

Students and parents, please allow at least 2 business days for a transcript request to be processed and keep in mind that transcript requests are not processed on days when school is not in session. For example: snow days, holidays and during Spring Break. They will go out upon our return.

With this in mind, please plan ahead with regards to your deadlines for scholarships and applications for college.

Current Students:

Detailed step by step instructions requesting a transcript via Career Cruising.


Unofficial Transcripts or Official Scholarship Transcripts

  • If you need an unofficial transcript sent by email to yourself, a parent or scholarship, please fill out this form and return to the counseling office.
  • If you  need an unofficial transcript or official scholarship transcript please use this form.