Schedule Changes

Student schedules for the 2018-2019 school year are available on ParentVUE and StudentVUE at this time. NOTE:  schedules are subject to change between now and the first day of school as classes are being balanced. The schedule change deadline was Friday, August 10. Please understand that schedules are built based on student course requests made last Spring during online enrollment. All of the decisions on staffing and course offerings are direct reflections of the course requests of the 2100+ students in our building. 

Changes for 2nd semester schedules can be made at this time or they can be made in the month of December. There will be no schedule changes in January.


You are eligible for a schedule change IF . . . . . . .

  • Your schedule is incomplete, or missing a core course
  • A class is listed twice
  • You have already taken a class that is on your schedule
  • You are a senior and are missing a graduation requirement
  • You are missing a prerequisite for a course
  • You are missing a required 21st Century Academy course
  • Only half of a yearlong class scheduled
  • For a yearlong class, your teacher changes at semester
  • You have a level change request (Honors/AP to regular or regular to Honors/AP)


**Math changes must go through the math department and be approved by parents. To initiate a change, please see your current math teacher.

**Dropping an AP course requires a teacher signature and parent permission. A completed AP-Level Change Form can be dropped off to Mrs. Peters in the Guidance Office.  An appointment with your counselor is not necessary for this change.


You are not eligible for a schedule change IF . . . . . .

  • You don’t remember selecting the course during pre-enrollment. (Your course requests are visible in StudentVUE)
  • You want to change the hour the class is scheduled
  • You’ve changed your mind about a class
  • You don’t have friends in your class
  • You want a different teacher


For students qualifying for a schedule change as explained above, you can see your counselor for a change.  Notice that counselor caseloads have changed since last school year. There is no longer a freshman only counselor and last name designations have been adjusted slightly. 

A – Di                               Traci Johnston

Do – J                               Chad Hoffman

K – Nd                              Amy Brown

Ne – Sch (+ AVID)           Jean Busey     

Sci – Z                              Amy Iwert


If you are not eligible for a schedule change but feel that you have an extenuating circumstance warranting the need for a change in your schedule, you will need to seek the approval of your administrator in order to proceed with your request to change your schedule.

Finally, please be aware that students are only allowed one schedule change per year.