Financial Aid

Financial aid includes:

  • Scholarships and grants
  • Loans
  • Self-Help (work study, money from part-time or summer job, family contribution)

Counselors share information with students as juniors and seniors about the types of financial aid.

There are additional opportunities for students and their parents to get information about financial aid.

  • Olathe District Scholarship Night will highlight scholarships available from local organizations.  Representatives from civic organizations will have information about their scholarships.  Check student announcements and the Olathe South calendar for details.
  • Visit colleges and talk to college representatives about scholarships they offer, the criteria and deadlines for application.
  • Link to Federal Student Aid and information about college and financial aid:
  • Link to Olathe Schools scholarship listings which include all scholarships that are sent to the Olathe High Schools
  • Link to Olathe Public Schools Foundation scholarship listings which include scholarships that are only available to students that attend Olathe High Schools


Additional helpful scholarship web sites:

Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters



Click HERE for important FAFSA changes you need to know about

To complete the FAFSA on line, you will need a PIN(Personal Identification Number). Here’s how to get one: Go to Remember that both the parent and the student must have a PIN.

For FAFSA questions, visit

Things to remember:

  • The first time you fill out the FAFSA should be during January of the student’s senior year in high school.  Do not wait until taxes are filed for the previous year.  It’s okay to estimate income as long as you go back in and update after taxes have been filed.  By waiting, you could miss out on money that is given out early in the year.
  • PINs don’t expire. They can be used for years.
  • If you have brothers and sisters applying for student aid, your parents can use their own PINs to sign FAFSAs for all of you.
  • The PIN is your electronic signature.
  • Be sure to safeguard your PIN. Don’t lose it or forget it. And don’t share it with anyone, even individuals or Web sites that offer to help you complete your FAFSA.
  • If you do forget your PIN, or if it gets lost or stolen, go back to the Web site and re-apply for a new PIN.