College Now

September 14, 2018, is the Enrollment Deadline for the 2018 Fall and Yearlong College Now courses. Schedules and additional details can be found on the Concurrent Enrollment portion of Johnson County Community College’s website.

OSHS 2018 Fall and Yearlong JCCC Schedule
JCCC Deadline Information
OSHS College Now PowerPoint


Financial Aid Opportunities for JCCC dual credit courses:

College Now Grant Application– submitted to JCCC (details on the form) by the enrollment deadline
A.L.L. Fund Application – turn in to Miss Iwert by the enrollment deadline


Struggling with navigating the enrollment process in MyJCCC? Here is a helpful step-by-step guide showing exactly what you need to do.

**The Quick Step Plus College Algebra enrollment deadline is October 5. College Algebra is not a College Now course.