All student athletes that have a desire to play sports at the collegiate level need to become familiar with NCAA and NAIA regulations and requirements. There is specific coursework that must be completed in the first 3 years of high school, and a minimum grade point average that must be earned in order to be eligible.


Please take the time to read through the information below and educate yourself:   

2017-18 NCAA Student Guide

NCAA–How to Navigate the NCAA Process

NCAA Approved Core Courses

NAIA Guide for the College Bound Student

Also, plan on attending the district NCAA Presentation hosted in the Olathe West Auditorium Wednesday, September 26th at 6:00pm


Make sure you officially register with the NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Centers at and during your sophomore year if you are interested in playing college sports.

See Mrs. Etherton in the counseling office with questions!