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  • Welcome to the Heritage Health Room website!

  • We are nearing the end of the 2018-19 school year. It is hard to believe!

    If your student has any medical concerns or health changes during the school year please update the school nurse. Please return all completed vision and hearing referrals to the nurse as they are completed.

    For any health concerns, you can contact Nurse Michelle at (913) 780-7496 or mltajchman@olatheschools.org

  • Health Room Happenings
  • I am continuing to collect health paperwork from students. Please send those to school with your student for the nurse.

    All medications will be sent home with students on the last day of school, except for controlled substances. Please contact the nurse if you plan to pick up medication before the last day of school on May 23. Thank you!

  • Illness Report:

  • For the week of: May 6-10

    With seasonal allergies come itchy eyes. With many students rubbing their eyes, I am seeing an increase in bacterial conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). If eyes are goopy or crusty, please consult your doctor to determine if antibiotic eye drops are needed. Report daily absences to the front office (913) 780-7490 or HTattendance@olatheschools.org Attendance Policy

  • Health Room Stats 2017-18

  • 3,041 Health Room Visits (93% back to class)

    167 Students Sent Home