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 Hello! And welcome to the Web Site of Mr. Smith. Contained on this site you will find links to documents, information about the classes I teach, some useful links to other sites, and a little information about me.  Rumor has it Mr. Smith hails from the wind swept plains of eastern Nebraska.  In truth, he grew up on the mean streets of Omaha, and as such, he is a rabid Husker fan (name one that isn’t rabid, I defy you to find one).  Like many of his friends in his youth, Mr. Smith spent his time playing sports, and developing a grasp on the street lingo that makes him savvy in most any situation.  After getting Street Smart and Book Smart, Mr. Smith headed for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  Successively acquiring a degree (and watching a lot of football from within the glory that is Memorial Stadium), Mr. Smith set off to Kansas City to conquer the world.  Though he spent some years out of the education domain, he has been back to help shape and mold the minds of our future leaders.  Though this task is daunting, Mr. Smith feels with a little PMA (positive mental attitude) and a lot of candy and gum, he can get the job done.  Mr. Smith is a thinker, a philosopher, and a raconteur.  He is married, has two children and dog named Rudy.  He spends his free time attending various activities in which his children participate and designing and building custom furniture.  Mr. Smith also enjoys camping, fishing, and spending time with his family and friends. 

Some insight into Mr. Smith:

 1.Half full or Half Empty? Half full, but can I get some ice?

2.Chicken or Steak?  How about both? They are both delicious!

3.Classic Rock or 80’s Hair Band?  Ummm for hair or music?

4.Chicken or the Egg?  Again, delicious…

5.Football, Basketball or Baseball?  To eat? Oh, Football, no doubt.

6.Favorite Color?  Grey (or Gray, if you prefer)

7.Favorite Vehicle?   Depends… Hauling- Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab, Going Fast-Porsche 911 twin turbo, In the water- SeaDoo 1100 water bike.

8.Morning Person or Night Owl? A little of both, the best infomercials are on late at night.

9.Person most like you?   Wow, uh, no one.But the person who likes me the most is my wife.

10.Favorite Quote?   “Not the Victory but the Action. Not the Goal but the Game. In the Deed the Glory.”


 Some of my Favorite Links:

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