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  • “Francie came away from her first chemistry lecture in a glow. In one hour she found out that everything was made up of atoms which were in continual motion. She grasped the idea that nothing was ever lost or destroyed. Even if something was burned up or rot away, it did not disappear from the face of the earth; it changed into something else – gases, liquids, and powders. Everything, decided Francie after that first lecture, was vibrant with life and there was no death in chemistry. She was puzzled as to why learned people didn’t adopt chemistry as a religion.” —A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Betty Smith, 1943)

  • Welcome to Mrs Bush's Website!
  • My name is Jane Bush and this is my seventh year at Olathe North, beginning my 30th year of teaching.  I teach the College Chem courses that can be taken for college now credit through JCCC, and also honors chemistry.

  • Science Olympiad
  • Science Olympiad

    The Science Olympiad Regional Tournament is Feb 23 2019 at  Johnson County Community College.  Information will be posted on the Science Olympiad page when it is available.

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