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  • FTMS Choir
  • Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in performance, literacy, musicality, citizenship.

    Choir is successful!  Look what we've done...

    2018-FT Men perform for the National Conference for MSJH Choral Music in Denton, TX.

    2018-7 All-State Choir members

    2017-Both Bel Canto and the FT Men's Choir were invited to perform for KMEA and premiered TWO brand new choral pieces.

    2017--Belles Chansons and Bel Canto were invited to perform at the first EVER Kansas Choral Festival for Young Women at KU with the KU, KSU, Lawrence and Lawrence Free State women's choirs.

    2016--"I" ratings earned at Worlds of Fun by all three competitive choirs with Bel Canto winning first place.

    2016--Mrs. Harrison named "Outstanding Middle Level Choral Educator" for Northeast Kansas. (She also was awarded this honor in 2015, 2009 and 2003)

    2015--"I" ratings earned at Worlds of Fun by all three competitive choirs.  Bel Canto won first place and the FT Men won 2nd place in their division.

    2014--Bel Canto collaborated with the Pulitzer Prize nominated composer, Chen Yi, on a piece of music premiered in May.

    2014--"I" ratings at Worlds of Fun Choral Festival.

    2013--"I" ratings at Worlds of Fun Choral Festival.



  • Schedule
  • Choir Class Schedule

    Hour 1:  Belles Chansons - 7/8 Women
    Hour 2:  FT Men's Choir - 7/8 Men
    Hour 3:  6th Grade All-Year Choir
    Hour 4:  Semester 1 - ISS Supervisory/Semester 2 - Plan
    Hour 5:  Semester 1 - plan/Semester 2 - 6th Grade Choir
    Hour 6:  Bel Canto - 7/8 Women
    Hour 7:  Semester 1 - 6th Grade Choir/Semester 2: ISS Supervision

  • Contact Me
  • Email: gharrisonft@olatheschools.org
    Google email: gretchen.harrison@students.olatheschools.comFB: Ask to join the “Frontier Trail Middle School Choir” closed group on Facebook. You’ll be approved if you’re a parent or student at FTMS.
    Twitter: @ChoirsFtms
    FTMS Phone: 913-780-7210




  • What’s going on in the FT Choir World?

  • What’s coming up?

    We have a student teacher!  Welcome to FT, Ms. Rome!

    KMEA and KCDA Honor Choir members perform in Wichita on 2/23/18! Congrats to Addison, Carter, Ella, Reagan, Hannah, Elisa and Alayna!

    Additional Concert!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  FTMS Men's Choir will be singing on 3/3/18 at 7:30 p.m. at MNU in the Bell Theater.  This performance will be professionally recorded and shared with the National Conference for JHMS Choral Music in May.  Yep!  We are singing on a NATIONAL stage!  

    Upcoming--District Choral Performance Assessment Date--3/27/18---for 7th and 8th grade choir members. Formalwear. You'll miss school for part of the day.  Plan accordingly.