Menus & Food Item Descriptions

Written By: fpc Date posted: 12/18/2015

At Cafe 233, students have the opportunity to choose the foods which they intend to eat. This feature is designed by the USDA to minimize food waste while allowing the students more choices.

Summer 2016

11-am – 12:30pm

Open Sites – Open to all children aged 1-18

Ridgeview & Fairview

Closed Sites – Open to students enrolled in summer school

Harmony, Prairie Trail, Sunnyside & Ravenwood

Summer Menus


Lunch – Heartland/Harmony

Lunch – Fairview/Ridgeview/Sunnyside/Praire Trail/Ravenwood





To be considered a complete combo meal, students must select a 1/2 cup of fruit and/or vegetable and 2 additional items.  A la carte pricing will be applied to all other combinations.

Click below for Grill Day Menu & Schedule  – This menu replaces the normally scheduled lunch menu.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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